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  • hey bud... man i got a lot to tell you. i thought i had ur number but only ur name was storeed in my contact list... call me 7244661733 good to hear from ya
    Good morning! Sent HR an email to prompt, er, see if anything further was needed to get an FOL. They responded they didn't have either clearance noted yet. WHAT??? So, called the region security lady. She reviewed the records and said it is in the system that she cleared me the 17th. I understand maybe the medical isn't showing yet since that was yesterday, but JEEZ! Sent another note to HR, waiting for a response. Frustrating.

    How are you two today?
    Thank you for your help. You Answered a lot of the questions I had and cleared up a lot that I had no clue about. Good luck in the future
    No news today. Got the impression the dr was out (lol) last week, so I should give him a day to catch up(not a minute more!). Hope tomorrow is a good day!
    Hey, B! Did you get an email from HR to let you know your clearances are done? Excellent news!!!!
    Hay barnett, any word yet on where your going? I finally finished jumping through hoops. Everything is good, im just waiting on a class date. Hit me up when you get a chance.
    Hey, B. My hat is off to you for leaving to take care of your son! At the end of the day, it is the job we do for no pay that matters most.

    I left to take care of our new baby and our 2 teenagers, so I'm with you!

    I wish you the very, very best!
    Well, selections come first after making the list. After that, they keep changing the order. For me, I received my TOL at my interview. I think others lately have received a TOL with just a state on it, and then interviewed, with the actual facility being specified later down the road.

    They like to keep people on their toes...
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