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  • Hey, Chris. How's it going? I'm guessing you're retired now, if not soon (like 1 week?)... hehe. If I don't hear back from you by then, enjoy your last week. Things are good here in AZ. Got certified in November. People keep asking me what my next move is, to which I have no answer. I hope all is well.

    Take care.

    Post a thread with a link to it in ATC Employment. Those are the ones who need it anyway. Or better yet... I'll just move the whole thing there and leave a redirect.
    hey, Chris, how's it going? I'm heading back to OKC in January for RTF (I swapped my gem of a facility with someone in the TRACON. I'm trying to get some radar under my belt). I see your birthdate is January 22, at which point you're 56. You retiring? My class date is January 24 - March 8, so you'll have to let me buy you a beer. You going to be around?
    It would appear so, so long as the guys at OAK like me.. albeit a strange and unexpected turn of events. I must have done something right along the way last time.

    I'll leave you a message when I get back home.. gone fishin.

    Raydon 406-529-7189
    hey, sorry to bother. just wondering if you had the class number and what class i will be in for the june 10th terminal classes? my name is brock mercil and i am currently waiting for my okc welcome packet...
    Hello, I read that you were one of the instructors at the academy? I will be there June 10th for Terminal training and was wondering what I will need to review before I get there to give me an edge? I havent done ATC since AUGUST 2008 in the Air Force and I worked the RAPCON and ACC so ive never had Terminal training before. If you could let me now I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

    Brock Mercil
    oh ok. I don't think I've spoken with atcguruaf. But thanks again with the roster and everything.
    When I get my roster, I will let u know..cb
    By the way atcguruaf was one of my students.. He's @ PHX
    Thanks alot. Is there anyway you can see if I will be in your class? My last name is Paynter.
    I was reading some of your posts. The one about the hiring numbers for FY11.... is there an order or preference of hiring? (i.e. 100 VRA's, 100 CTI's, 50 OTS, etc.)

    I ask because I've spoken with a few CTI's that have gone through the process but know of several VRA's that haven't received anything in each year they applied... some have been waiting up to 4 years...

    Just wasn't sure if there was actually a method to the FAA's madness... haha... take care, brother
    How's it going out there in OKC, Chris? Things are moving along here at PHX... I should be passing a couple of other trainees... afterwhich I'll have a clear shot to the light at the end of the tunnel! I'm shooting for September, but they're saying I could potentially be done by July or August. How bad is it there? Has the cutback on training affected you FAA instructors? I know a few people caught amidst all this "hiring freeze", I'm glad I got my shot when I did.

    Hope all is well. Keep in touch.

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