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  • Hey man, i just started taking 2 of the required 4 online pre-req courses at mctc, the ones you have to take before you can get into the in-residence program.
    Hey Battani,
    Im a fellow minnesotan looking to goto school at MCTC. I read a post you had on here to another person on stuckmic. I applied to the FAA under pubnat8. No success. Just got the email better luck next time. So, Im going to get into the CTI program at MCTC. Im wondering if you know what the job placement is like after graduating from MCTC? Also if you know of anyone that hasnt got in? I know a guy that used to work at ZMP. Hes retired now and at the time made me believe that I didnt need to goto school to get in the FAA. How foolish I was. lol. Any information you can give will be greatly appreciated. You can write back to me on here or my email address is
    Wuts up rockstar? Its roberts from cti class. just wondering what your whole take on our app situation is? I made the referral list for co and mn last round then got the spot filled status. any news for you?
    Hey Battani. I just started my internship at MSP ATCT. Just wondering if there are any pointers that you could give me to make sure I get the most learning out of my time there? When did you intern there?
    Hey Battani, I found that internship advertised on a school job search engine. It sounds really cool...I was even thinking about going for it come May when I start at MCTC in-residence. Do you think this is a bad idea? I mean, in the sense that they might expect me to have more solid foundations on the basics of ATCT procedures or whatnot? I'm sure that I wouldn't talk to planes or anything, but if I were to start in May, would I "get in the way" or just be a fish out of water?

    Any insight you can offer as usual will be most appreciated!

    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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