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    New Housing Per Diem Policy Starting 06/01/2019

    Only update is that its still stupid, not much of an update.
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    Any Word on 2019 Bid

    That is extremely unlikely. The only thing close to that happening would be of a girl that passed but turned down alaska because she wanted to be with her husband stationed in So Cal. I dont think anyone has any clue what she was thinking. Any way a few weeks go by and he got stationed up in...
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    04/02/2019 Enroute

    Yes I did few months ago. ! I’m crossing the street this week lol(basics to enroute).... y’all are probably moving in next door where the last class is just moving out today.
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    04/02/2019 Enroute

    do you know which one y'all are staying at?
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    04/02/2019 Enroute

    sweeetttt we've been wanting a dog. stay at edgewood manor so we can dog sit for you lol.
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    3/27/2019 Enroute

    My class has 10/18 staying at kims its pretty nice to be next door to everyone although YMMV since she's probably pretty full. We came back after the shut down and are all next to each other. Theres one guy at IB and i check out his meal plan everyday lol. They send him with decent looking meal...
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    August 2016 Tier 2

    is this the first bid you applied to? Im at the academy right now and we have several people 2016 T2 here and ones been applying since the at-sat
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    02/21/2019 EnRoute Basics

    I sent you a friend request from NH didn’t mention it was me. Accept it and then I can invite you.
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    03/06/2019 EnRoute Basics

    our 2/21 class has about 10 people at Kim’s so far. Seems pretty popular.
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    2/28/19 ENROUTE

    Hey in coming in from Walnut Creek a week before you with my truck, if you have something big you need help taking let me know, i might have room, or if you'r flying
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    02/21/2019 EnRoute Basics

    Yes PM me you'r facebook URL and I'll add you.
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    02/21/2019 EnRoute Basics

    I think theres 7 of us at Kim’s right now.
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    Academy Startup Plans.

    And apparently a class is re reporting on Wednesday the 6th.
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    Academy Startup Plans.

    I didn't receive the email that went out on Monday so i asked if there was any update. I got the following reply this morning. "As of right now, we haven’t been given guidance on what they are doing with academy. As of right now, I would withdraw your two week notice to stay employed for the...
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    July 27th 2018 OTS Bid Announcement

    keep hanging.... some of us just want to know if we should revoke our two week notice because we don't even know if we're going to training next month.