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    Night Hours and Post 9/11 BAH

    Also Sunday premium is 25%.
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    Why ATC Doesn't Use Make when Calling Anymore?

    What about companies that have a 3 letter designator. I imagine the center people probably get several that they dont know. Is it common practice to just spell their 3 letters out phonetically if you dont know the name or are you supposed to figure it out? I work at a small tower so it only...
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    Missing a Day at the Academy

    It's not ideal but you can miss days at the academy. They're pretty good at working with people especially for something like a wedding. One guy in my class missed a full day and was late two other days. He had a couple meetings with the head guy but didn't get kicked out or anything.
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    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    Did the engineer pass?
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    Yeah I didn't feel like it was that tricky. All but just a handful were obvious how you should answer.
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    2nd Chances

    Do you hire people with no experience who wash from the academy?
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    12/22/2017 Terminal Basics

    Just got reserved at Anatole today!
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    I Feel the Need to Give My Opinion on Housing to Clear Things Up for New People...

    How did you and the other guy do the lease? Did you both just fill out the online application or is only one of you on the lease? And was your class exactly 4 months long? Kind of sucks for us from start to finish would actually be 3 months and 2 days.
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    Housing at Academy

    If you go here and scroll down to the "housing" tab and click "hotels" that will take you to the list the faa provides. For some reason I can't get it to work on my phone but it was working from my computer earlier...
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    CIL August 2016 Bid

    Terminal. Asked if I had any other options for a later date and was told that was my only option.
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    CIL August 2016 Bid

    Received call for December 22nd class today! Timeline below... 8/16/2016 Applied 10/31/2016 Referred for ATSA 12/6/2016 ATSA Exam 1/5/2017 Notified passed ATSA 3/6/2017 TOL (returned 3/7) 4/7/2017 Resent TOL docs 8/2/2017 CIL 8/16/2017 MMPI 8/16/2017 Submitted e-QIP 8/29/2017 Fingerprints...
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    August 2016 Bid Timelines

    Do you have to go through tier 2 process for failing your drug test or are you just done?
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    This is what they said when I took the ATSA this past year: I ended up missing my test date completely and called hr and they allowed me to schedule a new one.