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    thats me
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    Best AT-SAT Prep. Book

    I agree except when i felt like i aced one of the problems i got a 69!!!!!!
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    Best ATC Family Housing Options?

    Re: Best Family Housing Options? I stayed at Isola Bella with my wife and 3 year old in a one bedroom apartment. It was not very big but it was nice to have the option of the FAA paying your housing then pocket the rest of the per-diem for other bills. Isola Bella is not the best, but its not...
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    Something has changed at Isola Bella.....

    I have been here for 5 weeks... other than the internet problems.... and the washer/dryer not working well. its not that bad.... plus theres several others in my class that stay at Isola Bella making study groups easier. But if I didnt bring my family with me. I think I would go somewhere else...
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    Off The Street Hiring to Return in FY2012?

    I am glad they are doing OTS. There are many teachers in the Academy who teach in Basics that are also very happy about this. Yes it will happen.
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    From Academy to Facility - The Amazing Race?

    Our class is going there next weekend. One guy says he can do it. We will see.
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    Selected for California? VRA? CTI? OTS? Get in here and say hi

    Got the FOL for the 21st of July in OKC. Now just waiting on the package.
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    CA Towers

    Re: **CA Towers** ontario, ca isnt bad with prices..... maybe 900 for a 2 bedroom. My brother used to live there. Ca is not expensive in the desert. Thats where I lived my teenage years.
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    Noob, please help :)

    I also started looking into ATC at 27. It is possible. good luck....
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    A80 rpo!!!

    did somebody say free wings???? :cone:
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    A80 rpo!!!

    My brother used to live in peachtree city. He loved it there, golfing, fishing and golf carts. They even have golf cart spots at publix.
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    Touring facilities your slated for

    I toured my facility which is only a 11 hour drive.(I have family in the area. going on tour was not my only reason for going there) It was a great learning experience and I also met a lot of people and how many things work. I even met Rosstafari.....
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    Average waiting time from TOL to Academy

    almost 8 months for me..... My class is in later July... but worth the wait.