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  • HCF is just the name of the facility as a whole. Its still broken down to two different sides either the tower/tracon side or the enroute side. When you get picked up and get there you'll find out which side you're going to be assigned to. Both are level 11's with I believe an additional 10% COLA on top of whatever the locaility is. A friend of mine got picked up there and he was told enroute side is easier. If you dont have radar experience then you still need to attend RTF in OKC since HCF is no longer allowed to teach it locally. Thats about all I really know about it, if you have anymore questions let me know and I can ask the guy I know. Hope this helped.
    hey man ive been reading your posts from back in 09' you asked a lot of the questions i was asking lol but yah i got a couple more questions for you. reguarding your thread "ANG guy about to graduate Air Force tech school...I have questions????", what did you end up doing when you got to your base? did you get full time at your guard base? contract tower or FAA? thanks for you time
    the traffic sucked. some of the people sucked. lots of drama there. and the facility specific rules and regulations were just retarded. (they were made for people who CANT control traffic. The air force wasn't bad at the time but now its just annoying! But, no worries I got my CTO and got out!
    People sucked, the traffic sucked, Air Force sucks? I tried to wait for a slot up there, they kept telling me to take an ATC support job or hope for a miracle
    Yea I was checked out in Cheyenne. I work in Salina, Ks now at SLN. Be glad you didn't go to Cheyenne. It sucked!
    What up man? How's your training? I got rated in finals and now I'm in assist. My number is 4078084404, hope all is well, bro!
    Hi, I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about the ANG? I'm in Navy DEP right now, but they can't seem to find a spot in Air Traffic Control A school for me, and I was wondering how you joined the ANG for Air Traffic Control? Were you able to join in another state? Did you actually have to travel to that state to swear in, or can your local ANG unit just transfer you?

    I'll do anything to get an ATC spot, and that includes traveling. I just don't know how to get things started.

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