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  • going to school next month. But I've swapped to ZLA. Otherwise I'd be waiting for another year or more.
    Hey bmb. what's the news? i'm calling LH's after see what's up. give me a heads up on how things are goin for ya.
    Glad there are finally some people moving forward. Don't wash out I will need the seniority. See in like six months. Let me know what area you get.
    Yup, ZDV bound as well. Looks like the 3 of us (lunchbox included) have the same HR rep. That is of course, assuming that you have S.F. too. I'm only assuming because full class dates until the end of the year is what I was told by her as well. Sucks. But whatever. We'll have to be sure to let each other know if we'll be in OKC at the same time. Help each other with studying and whatnot or even chip in on an apartment/house together. I don't know your plans or the other ZDV'ers, but I'm going on craigslist for a cheap monthly house/room and try and bank on the per dium. We'll see how it works.
    I talked to mine about a month ago. I have Sharon Fairless? S.F. I am far too lazy to find my TOL and look for the correct name. As for dates, yeah it sucks but at this point I'd like to atleast be assigned a class date so I can plan. Any word on that or what exactly did they say?
    Yeah, I heard the same thing a few weeks ago from my HR rep too. I don't really put too much faith in what they say though as I have it in my mind that they are in the business of being conservative when it comes to speaking with new hires about potential class dates. Let's hope it's more sooner than later!
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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