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  • That's awesome! Congrats! Have a great vaca! I will send you a PM with some of my info.
    Scratch that last message. She called me back this afternoon and have me a 10/30/12 class!
    hey I just emailed MG our rep this morning about FY13 numbers. She said they do have them but didn't have a seat in a class for me for the next 60 days :( Any news on your side?
    called the rep this morning and she said she still didn't have the numbers .... it's beginning to get annoying ha ha
    I was at Middle Tennessee State University and we worked pretty hard on strips for about 2 weeks and then used them quite a but in labs. We didn't really have a sim when I was there. just computers with some ATC software. Right after I left they got all new equipment and an awesome 360 degree virtual tower. So overall no real sim time.
    we dont use strips out here. but it goin well so far not in the labs yet but the sims are really nice. even if u dont know as much its fine they will make sure u get it before u move on. in my class i think with FDIO im the slowest there 6 navy controllers and one from LA center so i take longer then them on stuff like that but theres a lot of time to learn the stuff and they always want u to ask if u have a question
    I will probably join NATCA. I have been an aircraft dispatcher for 3 different companies and the unions there have been awful, but when I met with the ATM and union rep at BDL they seemed to get along very well and the ATM seemed very supportive of the union ( I'm guessing because he was part of it before). I have a few friends that are also controllers and they have joined it and haven't really came back with any complaints. I think that the unions I have dealt with up until now are a joke and just want to help out they lazy people who aren't good workers and constantly make mistakes.
    Ha Ha well no wonder they took him so fast. Do you live up in CT or have any contacts at BDL??
    Well I'm like 99% sure tower because when I went and visited in January the ATM was like " Your our new tower guy". I'm surprised that they picked up someone after me for tracon and rushed to get him to OKC but that's just how things work out. It's a never ending circle of bein confused. Are you tower or tracon??
    ya i was happy i wanted tracon plus its pass pass so i dont have to worry about that plus thats where i work at the academy is in rtf
    ya all my stuff is done. i got a call yesterday and got my FOL 8/23 is when i start and i got the tracon
    that sucks i just finished everything on Tuesday now i just have to wait for the results of my mmpi and get my FOL. theres a lot of people that havent even gottin there interview yet
    who is your hr person. i stopped by there today and asked them about my paper work and my lady grabed my file and put it through and said i should be gettin my tol like tomorro or the next day...
    well i got all the pre tol paper work and once thats all in u get ur tol i walked over to career services and gave mine to them all i have to do is send in my transcript u should get urs now so u could send it all in at once.
    you should see when there looking to get us up there i dont think it will be to long of a wait but who knows
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