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  • Born, where you at? I talked to Justin today, he said you're almost done with OKC? Find me on FB.. Brynn Madamba. You gotta fill me in, I turned down DAB, got ORF and a OKC date of Aug 12th..
    I miss you too hun! There's no crazy guy in my life cracking my up all the time and making the day better! :) Life is great. Better now that I am referred. Again. hahah I pray things work out this time. And hopefully in a very nice timely manner. I don't really know what I will do as an alternative if the FAA does not pan out. In the mean time I am trying to get on with the Post Office. They pay pretty well. Figured that would be a nice temp job before I can talk to planes again. haha Are you getting excited about school? Your day is fast approaching! YAY for you! How's your family doing? Are they going with you to OKC? Take care honey....keep in touch. Let me know how things are going with you.
    Hey you...congrats on fixing to start school! :) Are you planning on pulling from your GI Bill while in school?
    Hey there. I am in same boat as you. I have turned in all of FOL paper work as well. I think all we have to wait on now is the package from student services.I understand that comes about 2 weeks before class starts. Who is your HR sure you are elligable for 20k sign on bonus..have you gotten the paper work to fill out. after you sent them copy's of your CTO?
    Welcome to OKC and Isola Bella. Let me know if you need anything or I can help with something.

    The RedBaron
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