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  • Hi Brad my name is Mason Nichols and I just had read a post you had wrote about boise in 2016. I was just wondering if my wife and I could ask you a couple questions. We are both active duty in the Marines and are controllers at Miramar. My wife has a CTO and is getting out this summer. She will be applying to contract towers and the FAA hoping to get a job somewhere. I still have a year and a half in the marines left. I’m from boise idaho and we were curious if you could give us more information on the facility. We were curious if it’s a hard facility to get into or different things? We are planning to come home this summer in June and we’re gonna call and ask to take a tour of the tower. If you could give us any information that would be much appreciated!!
    Thank you!
    I thnk we have the same HR rep. Any word from him? I try to stay on him but don't want to be too excessive because it seems like he gets bugged too
    I saw your mention of SATCA. I was an active member and officer at UND. We were so excited to see your website and the shout out to us, but that was years ago. I'm unable to find it now. Can you give a little rundown of your organization and some of your big accomplishments? It's so awesome to see how much alike we all really are!
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