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    Next bid

    Should be a bid coming out for all prior outside experience and 52 week former FAA employees on Dec 21
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    NEST Save Pay to a Level 4?

    What if the person is prior military that only gets paid AG at the academy?
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    Raleigh-Durham - RDU

    Mattj I tired to pm you but your mail box is full
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    Transition VS Pointout Definitions

    Basically, I'm looking for any official definition of what to call the coordination conducted when I call up a vfr tower that doesn't have any radar and I'm wanting to get their approval to have an ifr aircraft fly through their airspace. Technically since a point out involves both parties...
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    Transition VS Pointout Definitions

    I understand the concepts...I'm just simply asking if anyone knows where to find a FAA document defining transition since the .65 only defines pointout.
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    Transition VS Pointout Definitions

    Alright, so I know the difference between coordinating for a pointout and a transition. Does anyone know where I can find the where the use of "transition" is defined though? If you look in the .65 the word "transition" isn't listed in there at all, only "pointout"...
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    Well I think the FAA is finally taking some small steps to improve the hiring process...When I applied, I could only list two states (Kansas & Florida) that I was willing to work at even though I was willing to work anywhere and now I'm in good ole' Kansas because I knew no one would be applying...
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    Realistic Academy Dress Code?

    I would usually wear jeans/shorts and a polo. I know a few people that would wear shorts and a T-shirt with running shoes and nobody said anything.
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    02/10/2015 RTF

    Back to good ole OKC eh Kurt
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    Cleared for Takeoff/cleared to Land

    Your watch sup sounds like a dumbass...I'm also curios to what your watch sup says about when you clear an A/C to land 15 miles out and then a plane calls up ready to depart. Your watch sup make you cancel the landing clearance then clear the other A/C for takeoff?? lol cmon
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    01/05/2015 Enroute

    Ha...I forgot all about that! But I'm loved at ZKC! lol btw did you know Tyler Dierex (forgot his last name) from tech school (ANG dude) is at ZLC too?
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    01/05/2015 Enroute

    Feel sorry that ya'll gotta be in a class with Toddburnsred. Class is already starting out bad lol
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    FAA: High 3 or High 5 Now?

    Unless you start out at a lvl 4 and take forever to work your way up, it won't make much difference. Just get to a lvl 11 or 12 before you have 15-20 years in.