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    Cancel Speed Restriction

    you'll notice cancelled speeds at lower traffic volumes because the speeds aren't needed to keep spacing between arrivals. Speed restrictions on arrivals do just that, get every aircraft to fly a constant speed at certain points so the controller doesn't have to assign everyone speeds once...
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    I would say manage expectations to all of you. There is currently no training going on in any facility nation wide, and not expected to resume anywhere until COVID-19 is no longer relevant. This obviously is dynamic, could change at a moments notice. But the on boarding process as lenghty as it...
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    Why ATC Doesn't Use Make when Calling Anymore?

    It is possible to have type default in fourth line. It may be your center requirement to keep destination in fourth but there is no .65 requirement. I know people who run types in default, some that run destination, and some that don’t run a fourth line at all
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    CTI No Longer Receive Preferential Hiring

    The two pools are split evenly, 50/50 plus or minus 5 percent on hiring. Since CTI apply with military, you actually can have lower cti tols than OTS. And it also depends on the ATSA scores. If more pool 2 get WQ scores, the five percent can go in their favor. You might have better “odds” on...
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    07/20/2017 Enroute Basic

    I wonder if he’s been waiting patiently for that reply
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    Failing MMPI Tier 2

    You are still trying to scam your way into controlling?! I had to read back to make sure this was the same username. But holy cow you have determination out the wahoo. If you would have tried to check out your first facility with that same grit you would have at least got two d sides!
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    CTI Lawsuit

    Straight Uncle Tom-ing it.
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    CTI Lawsuit

    Woah woah. You are logged onto the wrong account LUVR. You are supposed to be reppin cti and how much better you are than OTS to the maximum
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    CTI Lawsuit

    Thank you!!!!!
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    What Are My Options?

    And then wash out of Alaska FSS
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    06/12/2018 Enroute Basics

    It’s ghe government per diem rule. More than 12 hours and 50 miles from your home of record.
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    06/12/2018 Enroute Basics

    Get an address that’s out of town. “Officially move” to that address. Or you will lose out on a ton of per diem
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    05/11/2018 TRACON

    You are all NY because if you pass you’re going to n90. May the odds be ever in your favor
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    CTI Grad, Quasi-prodigal Son
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    Housing at Academy

    It’s how much I took home staying at Kim’s with their cheapest rate. 2000k left over in per down after paying them 1100ish for the month and about 400-500 pay checks every two weeks. 3k a month