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    Facilities Closing 2/1/10

    I don't know how to answer that question, but it won't be pretty.
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    Referral List Updates!!!

    It means that you were not put on a referral list....I am in the same situation. Could be a number of things, for me it was because my two states did not request a list. That is right from Amy herself....the good news is that the application for this round is still good till 9/30/
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    waiting timeline after applying for atc

    Re: waiting The last time I went through this process in late '07....referral list in call for an interview in Feb '08, but I think things are much quicker now.
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    Referral List Updates!!!

    Anybody cares, KS and MO did not request referral lists....right from Amy this morning. Guess I am waiting till the next selection panel....any ideas when that is???
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    Referral List Updates!!!

    Anyone see anything for KS or MO??? I have not seen anything on my application.
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    LM Contract Announcement

    I guess the big announcement is that there was no big announcement. Huh, that is interesting.