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    ATSA Exam from June 2019 Application

    Have you confirmed that you can use a past score?
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    ATSA Exam from June 2019 Application

    Does anyone know if scores are still good for 3 years?
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    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    Just some fyi for everyone. I applied pool 2 but did not take the atsa because I took a different job. I am still referred so apparently the old scores still count.
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    Usajobs Update

    Don't get excited about emails from usajobs. The good emails come from the faa.
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    ATC Test Results

    Do a little reading in some of the other threads on this topic and you will get all the info you need
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    Recent Facility Offers

    Because out of every 100, 1 or 2 might certify
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    TOL From August 2016 Bid Post Here.

    Yes it is normal. You won't be considered permanent until you are past your 1 year probationary period
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    Advice for Terminal Students?

    The ONLY way you can switch options is if HR asks you if you want to switch. Not because they are just being nice and want to give you what you want, but because they have a need for it. They will not let you switch just because you want to switch.
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    TOL From August 2016 Bid Post Here.

    One of the tracks include all the prior experience hires
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    TOL From August 2016 Bid Post Here.

    Well, one can dream I suppose..
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    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    There was a 10 point vet pool 2 applicant in one of these threads that got one
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    Tentative Offer Letter

    My thought exactly
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    AT Basics Course

    It is 6 weeks. It is a lot like a private pilot ground course with some ATC stuff thrown in. It is a good refresher to get your mind back in the game and if nothing else, pocket a bunch of per diem for a few weeks.
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    Referred Status