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  • Im not sure whats going on at iso but the last few classes people have been washing out who stay there. It really baffles me. Ill have some friends from an earlier class staying at kims also so i figure they will help if we have any questions. I wemt to green river and most of my classmates chose to stay at kims. Not sure if you are bringing a car or not but kims has garages and i hear the hail has been denting peoples cars up. I just bought a new car so i need a garage and rigt now kims offers that, so thats why i did a last minute switch. Whatever happens we can all meet up and do study groups.
    Hey I think you and uw are staying at Iso if im correct as am I the whole thing with the washouts is nerve wrecking but If 3 of us are staying there and ultimately going to ZOA then we could probably have a prettty legit study group/regime with us and any other enroute peeps in ISO, so I guess playing the cards right is pivotal in our situation (ie I'm hearing kims place students are doing good mainly due to their study groups) what do you think?
    that's what im afraid of. I like to cook, but I guess if the food is free and you get your own place... we still have a week or two to decide.
    You and me both. All my cti classmates are staying at kims. I want to stay with folks going to zoa or that are in the same class at least.
    So far two out of the 4 are staying at Isabella's. All my classmates from my cti school are staying at Kim's...ill text her if anyone not on stuckmic have sent a message.
    So far no one from our class will be at kims...roomies would be cool but I'm hoping they would be from the same place or class.
    Im looking at those three also. Isobella and kims are on the top of my list but zoe homes looks interesting. Keep me posted with what you decide.
    Hey bud i know you are in the july 20th class right? Im looking to stay close to fellow zoa folks. Have you decided on a place yet?
    Hey Cactushp I was just wondering if you don't mind, if you got contacted for your interview, I think we're both going to ZOA and from what I'm hearing most of the ZOA crew have scheduled or taken their interviews already, I just wanted to see if its based of age, panel etc, I'm 21 and got in on my 1st panel. and still waiting to schedule an interview at ZMA.
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