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  • Yeah. Check out the interactive courses on (under Air Safety Foundation), which are pretty good refreshers. And get on iTunes and look for UND's ATCast. Same deal. Both helped me out a ton.

    Bit by a pitbull? Whoa.
    Yeah, sure am. Things are going pretty well... they cram a lot into classes here. I can see why people kind of drop off of StuckMic; you just run out of time.

    It's good though. You'll end up missing some of the coldest part of the year, which is good, because... dang. It's freezing.

    You got your date set in stone yet?
    It'd be pretty great if you got bumped up to Jan (or any time before July, really). You might already know, but in the past, if someone scheduled for a class turns down OKC at the last minute, they'll start making calls to try to fill that one spot at the last minute. Being just down 35, it ain't that far of a drive...
    P.S. I may need to pay you to bring/ship me some Rudy's sauce. Just had some BBQ here at a place that claimed they were Texan. Apparently to them "Texan" just means "cooking with mesquite". It was a plus, but it was misleading in the same way that you'd get "hamburger steak" in school lunch and find out that there was nothing steak about it.

    ...yeah, that's the best comparison I could come up with right now.
    As far as they've told me. Still nothing in writing. Luis told lunchbox and I that we should hear from him really soon (possibly this week) as he updates our information and gives us a verbal confirmation of the date... and that the FOL would arrive by email shortly thereafter.

    How you holding out? Been wondering how you're doing.
    Well just trying to get in Texas period. Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, or Austin would be nice. I dont want something like El Paso or something. Idk anything about Armarillo, Longview, Midland ect.
    Well i was raised in So-Cal and i know what alot of the attitudes of the people there are but its not all bad.
    Only thing is though bro its expensive to live there, but all the best of luck to you, and to the rest of us.
    I hope you get into ZLA in a timely manner.
    Sooo....ANY LUCK? hehe just stoppin by to see how things are going. Did you take the ZLA switch? No more "im alaska bound!"
    Weather is terrible up here anyways right now, how bout you?

    I dunno. Consider that some ZLA guys are getting Sep and Oct dates right now... guess they're just going down the list. With that said... I don't believe anything until I see it in writing, you know?
    Ugh. She's been telling me Jan-Mar, but then, my TOL date is before yours. The few who I've heard about beginning in the first quarter of FY11 had dates before mine, so they should be going in order. Anyway, here's to hoping that when she says last quarter for you, she means it. Hopefully they've gotten better at predicting their budget for the entire year.
    Just that they're projecting to hire 107 more controllers than they're losing this year. They're not really aiming at any one applicant pool, although they'll keep going with the usual preference of REINST/CTO/VRA > CTI > OTS.
    Hey there! Probably dont remember me but we were posting back and forth awile ago about how you wanted to come to alaska and i was wanting to go to Texas, preferably austin...anyways man i had a question that a local could answer.
    1. I have been looking into the realestate down there in Austin, and Texas in general for that matter, and was wondering if the housing market is bad right now? (meaning the house prices are low)
    I know the economy is crap everywhere but it seems the farther you live out of austin it gets cheaper but in others more expensive, like Pflugerville is somewhat cheaper but then you go north a little and round rock is more expensive?
    2. A not serious question, I saw an add that Aqua Palooza is going to Lake Travis this year, is that a pretty cool event? Looks pretty interesting.

    Sorry if im bothering you just wanted to ask a person that actually lives there.

    Thanks in advance man.
    Yep. Swim's his name on here.. just go up top to your profile and replace "captain_corge/" with "swim/" and you'll get to it quickest that way... he's pretty active, so he'll help you out with whatever.

    I'm pretty sure he's at ZAN. Might be ANC.
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