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    12/24/2015 En-Route Basics

    Probably has something to do with Obama giving fed employees half day on Christmas eve.
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    Figuring Out CIP Pay section 12
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    Figuring Out CIP Pay

    Pretty sure it's 10% of your base pay without locality.
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    9/2/2014 Enroute

    Nice! You're the only one I know of that is going to be in the class with me.
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    Isola Bella or Kim's Place

    I have this class date as well. My wife and I are staying at IB. Are you Enroute or Terminal?
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    9/2/2014 Enroute

    No, I am a March 2012 hire. I've just been waiting a very very extensively long time. I had to accept a redirect from ZDV to ZOA. Apparently during my clearance refresh in June/July, the last seats to ZDV were handed out.
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    9/2/2014 Enroute

    This class is only 3 weeks out, anyone else in it?
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    9/2/2014 Enroute

    Thanks bud.
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    Looking for a Room Mate

    Starting the academy 9/2, looking for anyone interested in rooming up to save some cash. PM me if interested. Staying at IB
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    No FOL Yet

    As far as I know you and I have a new hr rep RD. I got redirected to ZOA, and California wasn't even one of my states. Glad to finally have a class date though, even though it's not ZDV. Let me know what happens with you bud.
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    9/2/2014 Enroute

    Just received this class. Headed to ZOA. Booked a two bedroom at IB if anyone is interested.
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    FAA class dates catalog

    Looks like some new classes have been added.
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    782 Days

    Well I'm in the midst of redoing all my clearances, they wouldn't/couldn't give me a class date knowing it was going to expire before they could place me in a date for zdv. And they won't let you redo them till they actually expire, kind of dumb. Just curious if there's anyone else out there
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    782 Days

    Zdv, but I've heard that could change at this point, so who knows.
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    782 Days

    Yea buddy. With no foreseeable end.