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  • Well let's put it this way....HR gave me a TOL for Florida initially. I texted the manager at CHS and within 10 minutes my HR rep gave me a new TOL. So they definitely have pull on HR.

    What happened to DL that he got so lucky?
    Yeah definitely. That's awesome. The manager at CHS told me she's going to try to pull some strings to get me to the academy as fast as she can, but I'm not going to get too happy. I would love to get to the academy by May. That would give me a year from graduation to OKC. Congrats on everything! I'm sure you will love working at ABQ.
    hey cassie! gossip queen, you? haha I thought you might have started this site ;) I am always on here bumming around trying to get the latest on what's going on with hiring.
    Yeah, sounds familiar. All my info. is in as of now. Hurry up and wait! You said there are more headed to ROW? haven't noticed anyone else talking about it. Hope all goes well!
    If this is Cassie Collins, it's Dakota who sent the friend request. If you're not Cassie, please disregard the request and this message.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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