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    Read ASAP !

    Kim gave good advice. If you are in a CTI program and they open a public bid APPLY. They had a public bid when I was in school and I didn't apply. I regret it. My boyfriend applied, got picked up, and certified. He has three years of seniority on me (at a different facility). He can get good...
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    University of North Dakota Aviation Program

    UND has a good ATC program, but like with any school you will get out what you put in. What do you want for your college experience? UND is a nice four year college with a good sense of pride in itself and community. You'll have many chances to get involved on and off campus. Money wise, it's...
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    Minimum Age For Tower Tour

    Good catch. I don't know how I missed that. There you go - our personalities are too strong for kids. Binoculars. The little aid I use to check for coyotes and gear.
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    Minimum Age For Tower Tour

    We tend to get a lot of young kids taking field trips with their school groups. Nothing is more annoying then having young kids crawl under me while I'm trying to work and playing with my binos... okay, and we have to watch our "personalities." The facility will have a visitor policy they will...
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    Any current Albuquerque Tower Controllers?

    There is the bus, lol. ABQ is a great facility, :)!
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    raytheon budget

    The Raytheon instructors at my facility are among those being cut. To my knowledge, they have not been given their official notice yet, but they know they are very limited on time left. Training wise, we really don't have a lot of trainees, so it's manageable. There were two of us in/scheduled...
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    ATC Simulatior costs

    I was under the impression that only taking the ground portion was an option if you already had your PPL coming into the program. Most people do not. You can do Survey of Fight, but it's still $6,000+ and you don't even get to solo. The Intro. to Aviation course is a completely different course...
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    ATC Simulatior costs

    At UND you have to get your PPL, so tack another $10,000 onto your ATC simulation fees.
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    Women in ATC

    Eh, where there is a will there is a way. If it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be... controllers or not. I know plenty of controllers who are married to other controllers and are very happy and I know of others who are no longer married. Attitude is everything. Not talking about work is a...
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    Women in ATC

    It's pretty sweet actually. My boyfriend understands my schedule. He also has the same financial values and goals as I do, which is rare for people our age. Although I will say he can say "no" with the sweetest look on his face. Oh, and because he spends all day in a dark room he likes to go out...
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    100% on AT-SAT + CTI Grad

    Apparently, the referral lists do not show your ATSAT score other than Q or WQ, but the reviewer can ask to see it. There are people with 100% ATSAT scores who graduated three or more years ago and are still waiting for an offer. Wonderful people too. The only people who can choose where they...
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    interested in atc. Want to known the fastest way to get hired. how to improve chances of getting hi

    UND is a great school, however, it is also a four year university. That's seven to eight years before you will even be able to apply for ATC. A lot can change in that time. The wave of manadatory retirements at my facility begin this year. We'll be sitting pretty in seven to eight years. I...
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    3 Questions

    1. You will be lucky if you get an offer, networking or not. They don't give you a list of facilities and let you choose. You go where you are told or you don't go at all. 2. The FOL states your facility. Even with a TOL they can change your facility on you. 3. They don't offer you a choice of...
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    CTI program and employment questions!

    You need to talk to somebody at your school. I find it hard to believe you made it up until graduation and have no knowledge of the initial process. Are you friends with people graduating with you? Have they taken the ATSAT? I ask because I know of somebody who was completely oblivious and...
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    Women in ATC

    Yea... no, I truly doubt women have it easier in the hiring process. Some people luck out and don't have to wait very long. You, like everybody else in the hiring process, will hope you are one of those lucky few. My facility is pretty much split down the middle on the male to female ratio...