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  • I was at NAS DALLAS a long time ago as a reservist in 1981-1983 and a plankholder at NAS Ft. Worth when it opened. Was qualified in the MATCS Radar unit midfield and up in the tower as a TWS. Joe McCarthy and I want to say a female AC1 named Tenney are names that I still remember.

    As for the age waiver, I got it because, I quoted the information in my resume, and made sure to let them know I was eligible. As for getting it, the local commander can approve it if the gaining authority wants to hire you. It is really too easy. Just be proactive. As for mandatory retirement age, I know what it says, but it doesn't apply for DoD. As long as you can pass the physical and mentally do the job, you can keep working. Keep in touch and let me know.
    Thanks for responding.

    I did a little research on the age waiver. Some of the DOD jobs that are posted reference the title for a waiver. However, when I read it, I understood that you still had to retire at 56 and be able to meet the time requirements for retirement. It even gave specific examples of who could and couldn't get a waiver. So when you said you got a waiver I was wondering how you did it.

    I'm going to stick around for a little longer before I retire from the Navy. If I stay for another 2 years I'll be 46 when I retire. I'm upside down in my house and the economy sucks right now. A couple of more years of job security won't hurt me right now.
    Sorry it has taken so long to get back, but in answer to your question, if you have exceptional experience, and meet the requirements or needs of the gaining facility, you can get a waiver at any DoD facility. The thing is, the gaining facility has to request it on your behalf to the higher command. It is rather easy to get, but so many facility managers either don't understand the process or think it is too time consuming and difficult of which neither is true. There is a Title number, chapter and paragraph that I actually quoted in my resume that make it very easy for them to reference. It took a while to research the info, but it was well worth it. I will look at my resume and send it to you later if you would like.....
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