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  • So how old are you now? If they give you a TOL and go over the age limit in that waiting period are you out of the running to get hired. Also did you talk to anybody prior to getting out of the Airforce at whatever tower you wanted to work at to try and get "IN's". Ill be 29 when i get out (which im positive im gonna do) so i want to do whatever i can to try and get a job. Also how early out should i apply for a job. Im actually at the moment looking into the Chase palace which would get me out of the AF in a year and i would go guard. I've heard some controllers have done it before so i might give that a shot but getting hired by the faa, any advice on it would be great. Thanks man
    Yeah, Ive been told my initials still echo there now and then. I enjoyed my time in GA but it was mostly due to the people there. I hear it hasn't been quite the same since myself and some of the other guys left. I made the leap and separated in OCT 08 and got an interview and a TOL that same month. And after a long stupid process, I have a start date for this July. I don't regret getting out, but waiting for the FAA hasn't been easy. If you have any questions, I'll help you out.
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