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  • Some people get lucky and their interviewer tells them but the official policy is u don't find out till fol sorry, but they will tell u terminal or enroute
    If she said tenatively then you're in man congrats, let me know where cause I'll be at pns tower
    Thanks but I think excrutiating may be more appropriate than exciting at this point lol. Do you recall how long it took to get an email from them after the notifications started going out? I saw a lot of CTI grads get rejected for Florida on Thursday so I'm taking my lack of news as a good thing right now. I don't know how different the notification timeline may be than when you applied since they swithed to AVIATOR this time around. Thanks for any info! - David
    What's up man, I'm Andy smith I lived in the one on the end with the garage. Good luck to you in the always exciting hiring process
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