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  • I know I'm a few days behind here...but wow. Rough way to go. Good luck with any future appeals.
    I'm hoping you get here as well. GOOD LUCK. They canceled about 9 ATC classes, and want to trim the campus by about 100 students, not just from ATC, but Maintenance, and other classes as well.
    I don't mean to even further dishearten your hopes but my instructor said that the government is trying to scale back classes towards the end of the year, can't you just take a class date and give them your medical later. LOL. How silly of me to think the FAA would do something reasonable. Day 1 at OKC is BORING! lol LOTS of paperwork and admin shit! BUT.....I'm now officially a Federal employee! I took the Oath of Office at 1 PM.
    I was the same.....Something on my MMPI came back "flagged" so I had to take it ALL over again (the FULL 700 question MMPI2 and the 400 question PAI), then the jackass sat on my paperwork for 2 weeks before submitting to the FAA....Hence the MARCH date instead of OCTOBER
    Hey there.....I am Jewish, yes, but I don't practice at all. I do the major holidays with family and the celebrations of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and such, but thats about it. That a bad thing?
    Well...thats on a MONDAY night......and I don't know if I will be working nights yet. BUT......I took care of that: Also got tix on 4/4 in Little Rock, AR about 5 hours away on a SATURDAY night!
    Well hopefully all your waiting and all your efforts will pay off and OKC will be in your sights soon. Couple more weeks of pulling your hair out right? :willy: See ya there and yeah I want a ride in that truck of yours LOL
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