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  • You get assigned a facility yet? I just finished classroom training at A90 and start the sim lab on Monday. This place is sweet!
    LOL you're crazy. I'll just enjoy my wonderful temp job since I quit my good one about two months after I got my TOL. FML
    Thanks! have you found many people further along than you that are still waiting? Looks like you've been at this for a while
    Hey, I was just wondering if you know of good places to rent near Boston Tracon. I got picked up there on an ERR bid and have a have a report date this summer. I have a wife and baby boy so that will effect where I live. Thanks for any help! - Brian
    Hey I see that your From So. NH. Where abouts? I'm living just south of Concord in Pembroke. I was at the academy last year. Have you gone yet? Any questions you have I can probably answer for ya.
    I also was wondering what your medical got denied for? My medical is on hold, for some BS paperwork that I have submitted 3 times and I still can get a response from Hope Wright( my medical contact) I have emailed her and left her voicemails for the last two weeks.... and haven't heard a peep out of her.... I don't know what else to do.. any advice???
    I saw in your signature that your medical was denied. Do you have any idea why? I'm a little nervous about going through this whole process and being denied in the end. I already have my second class medical. Is that all they want?
    Yeah, got there around... hmm... I dunno, 6 maybe. Blame American; they delayed me a good four hours in Dallas.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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