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  • Hey!

    Saw your thread on HCF. I have similar questions as you about the facility. Im wondering if you found answers to your questions? If so, where did you find the answers? Who did you ask?

    eh. ended up getting denied. I was a candidate at PCT. I think they ended up hiring retired controllers over me. no hard feelings just would of been awesome to make this long wait go by faster. Thanks for the info though man. much appreciated.
    Hey man, just stumbled upon your RPO post.... I had a phone interview Last monday and today out of no where i get the hireright application and send it out the same day..... Is the hireright app a good sign that i got the job or do all applicants get it... dont expect u to no all this jazz but would love any info you would give me!! thanks man!!!!- mike
    hey how are u able to work in their simulators. thats pretty cool I got a tour of the tower about 3 weeks ago. Currently going to school at lewis university in romeoville.
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