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  • Hey dude, hope all is well. I just received orders for P31 and a class date for June 4th. Word is PBI is not accepting people til fiscal year 2012 according to HR. Just wanted to say thanks for everything and I hope that you are and will keep getting qualified as fast as possible. Take care bro.
    Hey CL4TKoff, quick question, have you heard if PBI slots are in a hold? awaiting for a class date and have read in the forums some facilities have decreased there numbers for fy2010. didn't know if that held any merit for PBI. Also, I think your in the academy now, how is it? any preperation i should be doing? any news is great news. thanks in advance.
    Thanks; best of luck to you, too.

    Love it, it is my first home, but I'm waiting to move out to the desert.

    The taxes alone...
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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