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    Video: F-16 Overruns OSH runway

    Crap where were the brakes again?
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    Small behind Small plus

    Why would you clear an aircraft for a touch and go while it is on the upwind (just after takeoff)? And as a tower controller, you are not required to tell an aircraft when to turn base, they can do it on their own.
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    Small behind Small plus

    This is a weird rule and is hard to read and understand. The small aircraft doing the touch and go needs to have the Small Plus or large IN SIGHT and be instructed to maintain visual separation with it and also given a cautionary wake turbulence advisory. If the small does not report the...
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    Small behind Small plus

    Some of you don't know your wake turbulence rules. The small in the pattern needs to have the small plus, large, or heavy in sight and be instructed to maintain visual separation from the aircraft. Once that has been issued, the pilot can turn is base, final and touchdown however he chooses...
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    Which route should I go for ATC?

    Re: If you were me...knowing what you know... Plan B is always the better plan... even in cases outside of this one.
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    Developmental attitudes

    Former controllers... Because they were all fired in 1981. ERAU probably has the worst record of placing whiny CTI students into the FAA that don't make it.
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    ATC Pay questions

    I think I'll be going on 5 years before I ever get checked out.
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    Cleveland Tower - CLE

    I'm currently a developmental there right now and CLE is swamped with developmentals! Lucky you since you are a military controller they might pick you up since you have experience. Otherwise, CLE is not taking applicants beyond FAA transfers and possibly VRA applicants (I'm not positive on...
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    Mansfield ATCT - MFD

    The TRACON consolidation to CLE has been at the very least put on hold for now, but it may be dead in the water too.
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    Operating Initials

    He would be correct. The .65 just states to "state your operating initials" not how to do it. Most people use just the letters but I have heard a few who do it phonetically.
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    ATIS codes

    D-ATIS is your friend... until it stops working and you have to record one yourself!
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    Air Traffic Control Certificate

    I thought that they had stopped the Certificate program due to no interest. When I attended there, there was 1 person in the Certificate program. It's a small program meant for people with prior ATC experience and it won't help you get into the FAA. You are not "recommended" like you are with...
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    "Position And Hold" Change Expected Soon

    The Order I read said June 1st.
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    CTI graduates Only?

    Probably the best post I have ever seen. As a CTI grad (and now FAA employee), I wouldn't stand up against this as I would pick people out in class and hope I wouldn't be working alongside them. Then again, you could pick out some of the CTI grads down at the Academy too as they thought they...
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    Text or Manuals for ATC

    Air Traffic Publications from the FAA can be found here: Air Traffic Plans and Publications Should help out quite a bit and provide extensive reading time.