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  • Yes, both games on his website are on the test. What makes it a little easier on the test is that it is a full screen, not just a small box. it makes it easier when it comes to the scenarios becuase it doesnt get so clogged up. as far as the buttons go its pretty much the same. the only difference there is that when you issue a command, you have to re-select the airplane in order to issue another. (ex: Lvl 4 followed by Speed 4). The "runways" are wider also. just read through the write ups under the atsat info page and you'll do just fine. no where have i found offers practice for letter factory. however they give you soooo much practice, they practically spoon feed you everything you need to know. you can find a screen shot of what some portions of the test look like so you know what to expect, which also helps to visualize letter factory, under one of the links on that page that is a .doc download
    No, I was offered Aug 26 but couldn't go b/c my wife is pregnant and I would be getting back about the same time she is due. Too close for comfort. I am hoping for a January date. Are you going to DAB?
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