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  • Hello. I thought I would ask you a question since you seem to have some input on all the posts I have questions about. So.... I spoke with an air guard recruiter for an atc position. He told me that to come to the position I will already have to have been an air traffic controller. Now I have already graduated from a CTI school and taken the AT-SAT with a qualified score. I am wanting to join the military and I believe the air guard would be my best fit. I just do not understand why I would have to join and already be certified? Will the air guard not certify me? Although the bases tower is controlled by civilian controllers. I am confused if you can't tell..haha and would like some input. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
    It's reassuring to know that there is at least an opportunity to get selected for ZID at this upcoming panel, even if it is a slim one. I am currently working at Republic Airways in Indy but I am ready to get this career started. Do you know if it is common for people to frequently tour the facility? Thanks for the information!
    Colts ATC do you have any updates on the hiring situation at ZID? I have been waiting through four panels so I am wondering if it is time to give up on hoping for Indy anytime soon? You always seem to have level headed comments so I was hoping you would be willing to provide so advice? I'd be appreciative of any advice or information.
    hey you seem to be one of the most trusted members on the site and i just had a question i wanted to ask you personally. so i've decided that i'm interested in becoming a FAA ATC eventually. Just wondering what do you think would be the best route to take should i go the CTI route or do you think i should go with being ANG?
    Fights on-it has no effect what-so-ever on your good time or your seniority. I was gone for 6 months in Iraq last year and looked into all of that before I deployed.

    MikeTango- All I can really tell you is that Indy Center (ZID) isn't hiring very many people in the next year or two, but they will hire a few. I like working at the center and it's a pretty good work environment. As for the terminal facilities, I would hope to get IND tracon/tower (they are combined). All the other facilities in Indiana are pretty small and low level, which is good to get your feet in the door, but are a lower pay obviously.
    Good Morning,
    I've been doing some reading on this site asked a few questions and was told that you were a pretty good person to ask about Guard/Reserve ATC. Also I was wondering if you could tell me anything about Indianapolis or Indiana in general as far as how the facilities are. I am actually from Greenwood and currently AD stationed in NJ -due to get out next spring- if my husband wins we will stay out this way if I win we are running out of this place but realistically planning on going where ever I can get an FAA job. Any other advice planning on submitting my ASAP app in the fall. Thanks

    I'm a center controller and have been on AD orders for the past year. I was just wondering how much you looked into and understand how the time on LWOP due to mil orders effects FAA retirement. Specifically your "good time" (board time). I asked HR and they said it should have no effect. As you know, you have to verify everything HR tells you. I was wondering if you've seen the HR reg that protects our board time.
    How's it going? I was reading a thread that you posted in and said you know a guy from Cheyenne, WY. You still have contact with him? I'm looking at possibly getting out of the AF and going guard/GS up there and would like to see if I can get some info from someone already up there.

    Take care,
    hey bro. Not sure if ur on the FAA email or not. There was a new Policy Bulletin that came out today, made me think of u in particular. It allows those that are sent to war in support of GWOT and spend more than 42 day there, can get 5 days of free leave upon return. Sounds like u would qualify. It's Policy Bulletin #57: Minimum Service Requirement for Granting Excused Absence Upon Return From Active Duty Military Service. Let me know if you need more info.

    Thanks again for your service.
    holy smokes 2010!! sheesh. you'll be pass probation before u even start your training. that just isn't right man.
    how's the desert brother. when do u get back? and more importantly, do u get to train when u get back or is ERAMs, etc still gonna be screwing u over?
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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