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    Facility Swap Request

    It worked that time. Wasn't working for me this morning. Thanks
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    Washington ZSE

    ZSE - Facility Swap Request
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    Facility Swap Request

    At ZSE, looking for ZKC.
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    Seattle Center - ZSE

    I'm transferring in April.
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    Seattle Center - ZSE

    I have an option to go there. How's training, overtime, NATCA/Management relations?
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    Transferring from Montgomery to Post 9/11 Gi Bill OJT

    My OJT benefits are about to run out using the Montgomery GI Bill. I thought I had read on here that someone was able to transfer over to the Post 9-11 GI Bill and continue to get benefits but I can't find the thread. Any help?
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    For Those That Didn't Pass the Biotest

    This was just passed on from my previous NATCA president...
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    Writing Your Congressmen

    So? The FAA couldn't hire anyone for most of last year, remember?
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    DUI with TOL

    How many of you text/email/use a phone/whatever while you drive? It's been proven doing that is just as bad as someone that is legally drunk. Am I condoning drinking and driving? No. But chill out on the hate/judgment
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    DUI with TOL

    My favorites are the "he doesn't deserve this job". LMAO
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    KCRA 3 News "Relaxed Requirements for ATC Hiring?"

    That will happen. I guarantee it. Happened in all the PUBNATs. You know, those things they had a few years ago where anyone could apply but there wasn't a huge uproar about it?
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    DOT Plans to Audit Air Traffic Control Productivity

    Can I request the IG to audit the productivity of the House of Representatives?
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    CPC-IT GI Bill Benefits Question

    I wasn't able to change over to the Post 911 after using the Montgomery GI Bill at my first facility.
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    DUI with TOL

    Report it now. Realistically, you probably just killed any chance of getting hired. I don't know what they do with someone who only has a TOL, but your medical is now gone. Only thing I've ever seen was a guy who just graduated the academy and that night got popped for a DUI. Fired. No...