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  • Hey there! Long time not chat! I see you got a class date, thats awesome! What facility are you going to? I'm still waiting. I went to the ATL PEPC and everything is finally cleared and good to go, but I was told I shouldn't expect a class date until next fiscal year at the earliest for IND Tower. I asked about a possible re-direct to another facility, and they are all in the same boat apparently. But hey, I got a question for ya... Did you receive your FOL via email? If so, could I possibly see a copy of it?

    Ryan (aka "Jelly!" by Niagra19)
    Hey I saw you were selected congrats i was wondering when you recieved your e-mail to interview?
    Hey Im here in OKC right now. Im only two weeks deep into the class but ahead non the less. If you have any questoins about anything let me know. My name is Mike and my # 713-542-0961.
    Hello, where are you coming from? So far we have the same date and coming from houston though.
    yes ma'am I did...I got it last Friday. The same day she called me and I already faxed back everything. The only thing I haven't received is the packet in the mail....
    Hi, did you get your FOL? I am going to terminal on Nov 4th and haven't received it yet.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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