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  • Hahaha I'll have to pick some up. But I'm going to stay at Kim's and hopefully drive if the truck can make the journey lol
    haha yeah I finally got one. It seemed like a long wait but it came a lot quicker than other people I have seen. Any advice for the Academy?
    Ok thanks for the information. I am from Amherst, OH (10 minutes from ZOB). Just to give you a heads up my HR rep just said that ATO has me as a second half 2013 hire so I won't be given a class date until after April 1, 2013. The wait continues.
    Thanks for the offer, but i've actually already been on a tour of the facility a few months ago. I am CTI from MCTC, graduated May 2011. Picked up Nov 11 panels, TOL January 12. All clearances are in and waiting on a class date. When you say you're expecting 4 new trainees at beginning of this year does that mean people like me waiting on class dates slated for MFD, or people already at the Academy? Also, for MFD being such a small facility how are they getting so many trainees? What's the staffing number outlook currently? The information is appreciated!!
    hey cucciarre! i'm slated for MFD and waiting on a class date. you said there are 4 new trainees they're expecting? do you have any other information? I was picked up in Nov 11 panels for Terminal in OH. Thanks!
    LOL!! I got you, let me know 2 weeks beofre the next panel start and I'll see if I can hook you up!
    Van Wert! It's on the other side! The boring side filled with nothing but soybeans and corn. Lol It's on US-30 in between Lima and Fort Wayne, IN if that helps
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