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    Need Some Information from Alaska Controllers

    I'm doing this drive from Ohio to Anchorage in a few weeks. I don't trust my dog around other people or animals(she bites), so it seemed to be the only option for me. Glad to see the roads won't be bad! I am thinking about driving through the night from Prince George, BC to Anchorage instead of...
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    Spring 2012: Alaska

    My date just got moved to July, my rep is working on getting me out by May
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    ZJX peeps check-in...

    A friend of mine got redirected from ZDC to a tower and he has to redo all that stuff too. That :p:p:p:p:p:p:p blows haha
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    Spring 2012: Alaska

    I hope so too, but my tentative date is December 28th lol Two people with dates ahead of me are considering other places though, so it could move up to July. Crossing my fingers for that, I'd rather not drive through northern Canada in a Civic in December haha
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    Spring 2012: Alaska

    Hell yeah I am. Got the offer for A11 on Friday! I'll be moving up there at some point this year
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    ZJX peeps check-in...

    We're actually expediting people out right now in he hopes of getting new people so at least our staffing situation may go from overstaffed to well staffed soon. From what I hear YNG CMH CAK and CLE are overstaffed. ZOB's "numbers are good" but they're trying hard to keep bringing in people. I'm...
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    ZJX peeps check-in...

    You're definitely right about Daytona, I went there too. I'm at MFD
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    ZJX peeps check-in...

    I'd take it since it sounds like there won't be geoprefs anymore. If you wait, they could tell you Guam or bust. You can always ERR out when you check out. I'm at an Ohio facility and we're all well staffed so I would take what you can get.
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    Spring 2012: Alaska

    Are you by chance the Bengals fan I met when I was in Anchorage in November??
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    Several people at MFD would love ZOB
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    Any News About RTF Opening Back Up?

    I'm in a July 25th RTF date. CTO in March
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    FAA Sequestration scheduled for March 1: What it is and how it affects you

    Re: Sequestration scheduled for March 1: What it is and how it affects you I'm creating a stockpile of Ramen, but hopefully I'll get my raise before I get furloughed (still at AG pay with student loan payments out the wazoo)
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    Reasons why you shouldn't live at Isola Bella!

    I had a great experience there. If I had issues, they assisted in an impressively timely manner. I'll definitely be staying there again for RTF
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    4/4/13 Tower

    Where are you headed?? Congrats!
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    2/26/12 Terminal.

    I got a TOL Dec. '11, FOL March '12 so I think it's a long time :P