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  • Ah just wondering, its actually my folks' company... I road my 1st GL when I was like 16.. needless to say a 16yr old should not be on a GL1500. Hahaha.
    Dale, being a Goldwinder, have you heard of CycleGadgets.com ? Started in indiana.. thought maybe you might know of it
    I am now retired, but I was an Automation Tech at Fort Wayne, Indiana.


    Overall, I really enjoyed the job since it presented some very challenging situations. The typical work day is performing system maintenance/support and dealing with the ever mounting paperwork associated with the activities.

    The majority of my time with the FAA was working 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Only at the larger facilities will you find 24 hour coverage. Shifts local people to figure out. You can be allowed to work 4-10 hour days per week or other "flex time" hours as the local conditions dictate.

    Don't hesitate. Go for it . You will never know unless you try it, and it isn't something that can't be corrected later. At the very least it will be experience that you can't get anywhere else. I could put you in contact with some current FAA Techs. Email me at d.kettring@mchsi.com. This forum limits the length of messages.

    Dale Kettring
    Hi, I read you work as an electronics technician/systems specialist for the FAA. I am in preliminary stages of this and was just wondering how you like the job? Also, how do the hours typically work? I'm sure you operate 7 days a week/365 a year. Any info you can provide would be great. Thanks
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