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    Radar ID from Tower

    And where are your credentials as a certifying authority? I have over 35 years experience and authority to back my statements. Including baseline testing of the BRITE IV in Atlantic City, and Washington program experience on both STARS and ACD's. I helped develop the certifiying criteria for...
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    Radar ID from Tower

    Just because Air Traffic Management tells you something is okay, doesn't make it so. I am telling the Tech Ops (Airway Facilities) side of the story. If you would rather believe your managers, go ahead. It's your butt on the line not mine. .
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    VRA academy pay

    Probably because you were reading/writing the forum about the same time, and Polo never saw your post. Give Polo a break for trying to help. .
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    FAA Reauthorization

    Am I missing something here? It was my understanding that the 2010 budget passed and was implemented in December. So the current legislation must be the 2011 budget. And that budget will not start till October 1, 2010. If it is a normal DOT/FAA process, then the FAA won't really get and...
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    Airway Facilities info?

    Could be. Add to that a trick that our managers use is to hire just before the end of our fiscal year (Sept. 30). That allows them to use salary monies from a lost employee for other projects till the end of the year. Slows down the hiring process though. Don't forget to use your VRA rights. .
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    Scope Differences

    The ARTS IIA's have all been upgraded to ARTS IIE's long ago. Both A's and E's use the same display, and the color may be either green or yellow dependent upon the manufacturer of the CRT put into the display. ARTS IIIA's have all been replaced by STARS, and are no longer in the inventory...
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    Scope Differences

    You are correct. The common piece is that both STARS and ACD use the Sony 2K monitor as the final color display. All the electronics behind the Sony are different. The original display for DSR was also the Sony 2K but has since been upgraded to flat panels. The reason the Sony was used so...
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    I had not heard of, but thanks for the link. They seem to have some...

    I had not heard of, but thanks for the link. They seem to have some interesting inventory, and some of their prices don't seem to bad.
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    Follow StuckMic

    No, no. For Woot you need to go to: Woot LOL Just couldn't resist. :goldwing:
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    Radar ID from Tower

    This line of discussion is a year old, and much of it has been removed, including a discussion of what a "certified" tower display means. I want to reitterate that there are no tower displays that are capable of being certified by Tech Ops for SEPARATION of aircraft. It is not in the design...
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    Health Insurance

    You are refering to CAMI. I believe that stands for Civil Aeronautic Medical Institute. If you need to use them, your instructors can tell you all the details. .
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    I am now retired, but I was an Automation Tech at Fort Wayne, Indiana. :goldwing: Overall, I...

    I am now retired, but I was an Automation Tech at Fort Wayne, Indiana. :goldwing: Overall, I really enjoyed the job since it presented some very challenging situations. The typical work day is performing system maintenance/support and dealing with the ever mounting paperwork associated with...
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    Newly proposed budget freeze

    That depends on how you interpret their hiring practices. The FAA wanted everyone to believe that the facilities were staffed to the proper level, and that hiring was not a problem. Ergo, no accelerated hiring. However, we all know that ATC staffing across the country was rapidly decreasing...
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    Newly proposed budget freeze

    Re: FAA 3 year hiring freeze?! In my 32+ years with the Agency, I have seen it both ways. Sometimes, what you said is correct. However, I have see HARD freezes where nobody gets hired, period. Though what you said makes sense to most of us, that has NEVER been the way the FAA has done it...
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    Tracon Facilities

    Off hand, no. But look real close at the STARS facilities. STARS was deployed with consolodation in mind. We (PASS and NATCA) knew the potential when we were working with the STARS Program Office on development. STARS can take data from up to 16 radars, and drive up to 256 different...