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  • RPO job is goin well bro, easy money haha...ZJX interview is at ZFW this Friday, crossing my fingers!!! Gotta lotta preparing to do tomorrow
    Hey in my question about level 12 facilities and hiring new people I misquoted a person in leadership and I was wondering if I could get you to remove that post? I just don't want him, or myself, to have to deal with my mistake on missing the 'terminal' part of it all. Thanks!
    Yeah they know we're moving on as soon as we can but they probably save alot of time in training cuz we already know most of it and we actually enjoy our jobs so it is a trade-off I guess
    Yeah man just called ACD today, got FL tentative interview! Congrats on the RPO job bro any news from the FAA on your end?
    sorry, i think you misunderstood my post. I meant the Postal Service pays enough salary that I can afford to make the payments on my student loans
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