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    Hope all is going well, I'm sure you're enjoying your time there so far. I have a question for you. What was the time line like after completing the academy to move to VT? Do they give you time to do it? How much time? Do they pay for it? Oh and off the subject but, did you use your GI Bill at all? If so how much do they give you?


    I was getting pissed when I read the post until the end. Nice one Davo!!

    Hey there..... I see a lot of your posts on here. Were you just picked up for Cali? CTI OTS VRA? Just picked up myself for CALI CTI, wish I knew more......Have you heard anything about any facilities in big need other than So Cal?

    I noticed you posted something about the pubnat8 not updating on asap because of a second selection in March. Do you know if they are for sure doing another selection?
    Which campus did you end up doing it at? My wife works a mile down the street from the one they have in Kent.

    Just curious; I've been wondering how the program was and you're the first I've been able to ask about it.
    dave i've finally gotten over my depression over not being selected for the first round of panels. i'm ready to be hopeful again. what have you been doing with yourself? still living with the in-laws? hearing any rumblings about these october panels?
    Those look like GRCC course numbers. Is that where you went? I am going there starting in January.
    What is the name/email address of the CTI director at the FAA? I would like to ask him/her a few questions. If you don't know the email address, then the name would be helpful. I am a CTI grad with a TOL for enroute, but told that next class date would be August 2010 or later, however, I have seen at least 3 OTS get enroute basics (who are going to my same facility) ahead of me. All else being equal, it has to be more cost efficient to train me since I don't need basics. I don't understand why OTS going to my same facility, same PEPC as me, are going ahead of me. Just venting.
    you're right! thanks. does this mean i have to give you a percentage of all the money i earn throughout my life if i get the job?
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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