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  • No worries man. If you get a second and have any good insight I'd appreciate it. Shoot me an email if you got a second. no rush at all just can't seem to find anything about there.
    Yeah, most military bases around the country have DoD personnel working there. We have about 13 civilians here. They put the civilians there for stability, with the Marines moving around so much they are unreliable.
    Yeah man, I've been here for awhile, about 9 years total now! I know CB really well. Is he on here??? Him and I were really good friend when he was here. He's up in Michigan now isn't he?
    Yea, well, I understand that to be their mistake, so of course they are going to fix it. DL was offered a class date like two weeks after he got his TOL.
    NP! Congrats on CHS! At least it's an easy city to spell! IDK what strings they can pull. I know I don't work for them and I have no idea, but I imagine they can't just pick and choose who they pull. Even my HR rep. told me it's all based on your TOL date. In my case there were a few of us who got our TOLs on the same date, so it came down to the clearances. My clearances came in first, so that put me #1 out of the recent selections. I am so happy that I overnighted everything. It was well worth the $40 I spent on transcripts and $20 on background check stuff. Well worth it! Maybe they got you the facility that had the most slots for the upcoming year... no idea. DL though, man, that man got lucky.
    Well, there is a big range in from graduation to OKC. DL had a class date as they were mailing out his background check forms. I got his form a day after he got his class date. There are still a lot of Dec. 08 graduates waiting for class dates. I guess it just depends on when your TOL was issued compared to others. I'm just glad NM didn't do panels the year before I got picked up. It put me in a great position!
    Hey DEUNDCTI, I didn't get a notice yet if I have been selected or denied. When I call they tell me there not done yet with the panel. What are my chances of still getting in?
    I didn't realize that you hadn't lived in Carolina before. Let me be the first to introduce you to the most important place there: South Of The Border, Dillon, South Carolina
    Starting in January...ish. I'll stick some gum under a seat in the Academy for you to find. It'll be fun, trust me.
    Hey ... I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Air Guard. I have 10 months minimum wait for an OKC class date. In that time I can finish Basics, and all my tech schooling.

    I would join the Idaho Air Guard since I currently live in Idaho, And then go to train in OKC.... but my facility is in AZ ... so does Air Guard allow transfers to other states? I have no clue about that... Also.. how long are the commitments for Air Guard... Ive heard you can do 1 year but also that 6 years is the minimum.... thanks for some info!
    I'm at Florida State College of Jacksonville; it's a brand new CTI program, probably only 2 years old. I'm pretty sure I'm going to put NC and FL down, & just not specify terminal or en route. It honestly a really big decision & I'm still in deliberation, as are most people. If FL hires me, I'm hoping it is Jacksonville Center, I know a lot of people that work there and pretty much have the "connections." NC really appeals to me; it's beautiful & my aunt and uncle live up there. How far a long in your program are you? Have you done all the tower/non-radar/radar labs?
    I'm currently CTI, I'll be finishing up in 3 weeks and the next screening is in January. I figured I could transfer in time, but it's always nice to start out somewhere you'd like to finish at too. But if I don't end up at CLT, I'd rather do en route somewhere.
    I did a 2 hour tour all together, but I talked to the support manager and they have up to 46 trainees at this very moment, if they decide to hire this coming up screening, it will only be 5-6 people at the most...looks like the dream place & job to live just went down the drain. There is still a little chance, & thank you for getting back to me!
    Well I'm actually touring CLT this monday morning, I was very interested in what their staffing levels were before I went in there completely "blinded." It would be nice to have an idea of my chances.
    Did you happen to receive staffing information for the NC facilities on the post by social atcer? I know the post was almost a year old, but the information would still be helpful. I would appreciate if you could possibly pass the information along. :) Thanks.
    I have spoken with some people who already live up there and it looks like I will rent for the first year probably within a few minute of the actual office. That will be nice for a commute! I am ready to get to Academy NOW!!! Well, good luck on your school and military efforts and keep me updated.

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