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  • Yessir!! Fo-sho!! The new DOD job is on the border of TX and OK so it will be an easier transition for me once i get that school date. Congrats on everything going smooth for ya bro! TEXAS!!!
    What up pimpin! I'm leaving work early now headed to ZLA to complete my physical. All I'm waiting on now is the MMPI2. Got 2 weeks left here and I'm starting another ATC DOD job until I get a FOL. I'm recession proof!!
    What happen to you comin to vegas liar?I'd lice for you to come here and hold me wenis
    give me a call or txt i got a new phone so i dont have any numbers but mine is the same
    I got it just by applying man. Click here.Raytheon Jobs & Employment Opportunities. Type ATCOTS in the search menu, and a whole shit load of listings will come up. The ones you are looking for are under "Remote Pilot Operators". Just send in your resume, and wait for a phone call. I applied for every RPO posting I saw on that site since May, and only got contingently hired in October. If you have any other questions hit me up I know you got my number.
    Talk soon bro.
    Haha yo man, what's good girl? Im still in brooklyn as of now but I got hired at las vegas tracon to work for raytheon as a remote pilot operator. Should be getting a start date this week. How's everything with you? And what about your boyfriend tyler?
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