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    Promotion-Release Date

    yea i would LOVE a 14 month release. i got a 2 yr 3 month release. be happy with what you got RomeoNovember.
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    Promotion-Release Date

    thats not "technically" a promotion. thats why your release date is 14 months
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    Academy Failures - Listen Up!

    Its just unnecessary though. They give you more than enough time to study and figure out what you need to do(their way). Good for you if you study before you get there...but better be sure you are studying up to date and correct info. The academy is its own little world. When you get
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    Center Developmental Looking for a Tower

    Even if you end up waiting 3 years, you're still making more than a level 4,5,6 tower. Stupid decision if you ask me. Honestly, I highly, highly doubt anyone would even pick you up on an err. You are of absolutely no use to them. You have proved nothing to them besides the fact that you can't...
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    Failed PV at Academy / Second Chance

    That means you won't ever be able to apply again unless they come out with a CTI bid. Sorry. I would seriously consider moving on. Most of the people that return know someone or get picked up on a different type of bid. But unfortunately for you, there is only one type of bid open for this job...
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    Arrested After TOL

    Dont forget its the government you work for. Just because you have a security clearance doesnt mean you can do whatever the hell you want for the next 10 years.
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    Arrested After TOL

    Lol please tell me how i can make that much. Im at a lvl 12. You may see that your last uear of your career, only working at a 12
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    ERR to Facility Offer Timeline

    First, there must be an opening at ZSE for them to request ERR packets from HR. Second, you have better odds of getting picked up due to your 10 years of FAA time. You will be put on a priority list after 8 years of service. Also, id say you definitely need to network to get picked up...
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    ERR to Facility Offer Timeline

    Thanks! Id say it took around 2 months from the time the natca rep at my future facility told me i was selected, until i actually got a TOL.
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    ERR to Facility Offer Timeline

    How ironic. Started this thread yesterday, received my TOL today.
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    ERR to Facility Offer Timeline

    Generally, how long does it take to hear from the region with the ERR approval? I know i was picked up at a facility that i ERR'd to. Just wondering how long folks have waited to receive a call from HR? I was given a 2 yr release from my current facility.
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    Up/Down Facilties

    just went to visit the facility abut a month ago. They had 2 training failures there just sitting in the natca office.
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    Center to Terminal Transfer As a CPC

    Wow. That really blows for him. Was natca involved with determining return right? Why wouldn't they allow it If so?