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    FAA Alaska Flight Service

    That's awesome.
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    FAA Alaska Flight Service

    How ya like it? AK sounds pretty cool. No intentions of applying, jw.
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    Hahahaha. Never dabbled in the Contract world, what makes it so bad?
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    Cincy routing.

    No clue on the routing but expect heavy delays if you wanna visit a FAA facility. No tours due to covid. Maybe next year. Edit: you can look on and then wiki then click the facility you want and the number is right there. Give em a call ass end of the year and see what's...
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    FAA to DOD

    I definitely would do it if a location where we wanted to go offered a job. CPC in the FAA and wouldnt think twice about it. I know there is a CPC reinstatement program for the FAA if you have been out for 1 yr. Pretty sure it doesn't count for Devs. Hard to get back after 1 yr? Meh, it is all...
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    Welcome ;) Be sure to keep checking here, reddit, and .65 for updates when a hiring bid for OTS comes out. Chances are one will come out this year. There has already been a prior exp bid out for the year, so here's hoping!!
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    PRIOR EXPERIENCE 2152 FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-44955 BID IS OUT 21 December 2015

    My DOS is early 2019 so I am thinking alot of the 5s and 6s will be knocked out by then. If not, I am more interested in locality. IL, WI, CO, OR...mmmmmm.
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    Still AD Waiting For...idk

    Am AD as well. DOS is Mar 2019 (gross). Wondering if it would be an easy process to Palace Chase with a TOL, then go guard and FAA...
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    PRIOR EXPERIENCE 2152 FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-44955 BID IS OUT 21 December 2015

    Hello all, first time caller, long time Got the 'referred' email as well. I am AD and my DOS is Mar/2019. Has anyone gotten a TOL whilst AD, then Palace Chased their way out of the AF to start working for the FAA early? If so, how was your experience? How long have any of...