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  • Sup,
    Saw you were Army ATC. Had a few questions for ya, just beginning my time. Thanks
    There all Twr positions. I took a job in Kuwait that is now run by DynCorp but the pay was shit at the time. 79G. I quit that one after 3 months and got on with KBR at COB Speicher in Iraq the pay is not bad and I get one day off a week. At the same time as you know all the other companies pay more than KBR its just the way it is I guess. I applied for a job at Vandenberg as a controller, I know I will never get it but you have to dream right lol. Most of the guys in Kuwait left only ones still there are Barnes, TQ, Mason and Milton. I know Kenny moved back to Chicago and has a construction thing going there. Every now and again I talk to some of the others on facebook. Hope all is well with you and your family I go on R&R on tuesday should be home on thursday morning.
    Hey CR!

    Got two unexpected emails from KBR in the past week. The first was for 128,00 and then the next even more. John Coin then called today and asked me to come over to Iraq. Which facility are you at now? How do you like it? Does it pay better than Kuwait? what is the gym and internet like? I have no CTO, but just a pink card. R they all tower facilities? I wasn't ever planning on going back, back I have to admit, they sound desperate for ATCers and the $$ was good. I know I will have a job waiting for me when I get back. What ever happened to the other guys we worked with at UAAF? Hope things are well and he asked me to call back tommorrow with a response. Can't go until Feb 1st even if I wanted to, which I am undecided right now!
    - Pete
    Hey CR its PA! What the hell is up? How are things in SAC? I was south of you at Vandenberg AFB for 6 months last year getting spun up on GPS Satellite Operations. Now I work for DOD in COS controlling GPS satellites. Getting ready to launch the new GPS 2F satellite in May. I had left Radio in June 08 and never looked back. Never leaving home again. Love it here and my family has waited long enough. R U heading back to KWI soon? Just made it back to stuckmic yesterday for the first time in years. How is the family? Do you keep in contact with anyone we left behind at the money pit in KWI?
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