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    ATSS/ET Process

    I would think if your on the company time if you drive your own car they are going to pay you the miles and lodging. I just got an inquiry for NM anyone else get any inquiries. I was hoping for Phoenix.
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    Overseas Benefits

    Depends on where you go. Financially speaking the pay is good with some companies and great with others. PM me if you want specifics on wages.
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    How old are most of you on SM?

    37 on the overseas contract track till the near future. Still applying for Contract Twrs stateside and DOD slots if their willing to give waivers.
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    Contract Tower ATC Openings Anywhere!!

    I wonder if its because I am trying to upload from overseas. The system keeps giving me an unexpected error when I want to view previously submitted resumes or make updates.
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    Contract Tower ATC Openings Anywhere!!

    Is anyone having problems with the SERCO job website as far as updating their resume or applying for places you applied to in the past but the system is rejecting it sayign they already have your resume on file?
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    Iraq ATC

    I believe KBR is payine the same in Afghan what there paying us in Iraq 5000 base with 75% uplift on the first 40 hours. The only reason there getting paid less than us is because per the AFCAP contract they can only work 60hrS per week. Iraq works 72hrs per week cause is under the LOGCAP contract
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    Frustration by FAA canceling class date

    There is no budget crisis unless your talking about the fact they have not had a budget to work off of for over two years.
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    Iraq ATC

    KBR just took over in Afghan so how can you make such a broad brush statement that KBR does not staff them adequately? Does that not mean that ITT was not staffing them adequately to begin with before KBR took over?
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    Will I ever get the time of day with Serco!!!

    Thank you for the insite gentlemen, I just wanted a concensus on what i was already thinking. I have three CTO's and most of my experience I can say with GA traffic I have gotten in the last yr where I am at in Iraq. MOST Army controllers only get helo experience and its true the Army says...
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    Will I ever get the time of day with Serco!!!

    Don't get me wrong I am not just assuming I can walk into anywhere. I assumed I was more marketable from a certain point of view because I was in the area and would not have to relocate. It thanks for your advice but it still does not answer my other concern on whether there is a preference for...
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    Will I ever get the time of day with Serco!!!

    I know I am going to probably get flamed for this but just had to get the average responses from those in the know. Does SERCO have something against Army Controllers or is there just known stigma against Army and prior Army controllers. I live in California and I have two CTO's now on my third...
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    Contract employment, haven't controlled in a while

    Just having these two things is not a sure thing to getting hired. I have been trying to get with Serco for a while in my state with no luck. Probably location but I had two CTO's when I was trying to get with them now I have 3. We will see what happens.
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    Iraq ATC

    None of them are leaving.... Especially if they know what's good for them with the economy the way it is back in the states.
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    Buehring is the only ATC contract in Kuwait for DynCorp..
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    KBR flying me to texas tomorrow

    Eman1193, That calculation is correct but you also have to take into account the R&R's so if you took now vacation you would get the 125.