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  • Please help support veterans issues:

    The survey below is part of an ongoing Graduate Study from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The survey is designed to analyze how Military Air Traffic Controllers (current or former) view the current Federal Aviation Administration Employment policies.

    Your responses will help determine recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration.

    The collective responses will be in summary form and the privacy of your responses will be safeguarded. Individual responses will not be reported in any way that would allow an individual respondent to be identified.

    Click to take survey:

    Survey of Military Controllers

    Thank you for your support!

    Rick Maldonado
    Captain, Aviation
    U. S. Army
    Thanks for the resoponse. I went to Isola Bella over the weekend and I think I'm going a different route...kinda dirty. Thanks though.
    Do you have a roommate yet? Are you terminal or en route and how long will you be here for? I just arrived yesterday and my dates are 9/10 to 12/12 for en route cti. I'm staying at meridian mansions but kinka wanna leave this place.
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