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    Pay Differences??

    Actually, if you are in the AOR (Afghanistan/Iraq) or outside Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, etc most likely plays the biggest part of how much you will make. ITT, Midwest ATC and WCG for sure employ within the AOR and outside as well.
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    Busiest Facility

    By a recent email I received here in Kandahar with last years AF base traffic counts (contract towers here too), Balad tower did approximately 242,000 ops last year. CERAP would have different numbers. We here in Kandahar did approximately 101,000 but are on pace for about 150-165,000 this...
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    current atc's-introduce yourselves!

    Re: will the current atc's please introduce yourselves.... MCAS Yuma - 1978-80 MATCS-18 Okinawa 1980-81 MATCS-48 El Toro (Training reserves) 1981-84 29 Palms - 1984-86 MCAS Futenma - 1986-87 MCAS El Toro - 1987-92 (trip to Shaikh Isa AB - 90-91) 29 Palms - 1992-94 FCT - Barton ATC/Serco...