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  • Training is a LOT better now that I'm in a new area. I'm averaging a D-side a month! Yeah I've been hearing about the failures. I feel sooo bad for them. News like that gets back to and around thecenter FAST. I hope and pray your class makes it through. I hear they've changed the PV drastically since I was there 3 yrs ago...
    Yeah it can be nerve wrecking but try not to stress about it. Trust me, a LOT of other people, myself included, has been in your shoes. I was a nervous wreck until after the 1st day of class. I felt better once I met everyone. The instructors encourage the students to help one another and most of the instructors are very helpful as well. If you have ANY questions about OKC or ZAU feel free to inbox me!
    Congrats! I see from reading the posts in some of the forums, you guys have FINALLY gotten class dates! I've seen the list of folks that are supposed to be coming from the academy and it is pretty lengthy!
    Hey I was talking to some people in my class and one guys said that he stayed at WR one night and it was too small for him and he is here alone. For you and your family you may want to make a reservation at mansions south, too just in case you dont like the size of this place. There's no money down either way so you wont be out of anything. Just an FYI.
    Also one of my class mates is staying at Mansions South Apartments. She describes it as 'you get what you pay for' but that she is happy she choose it. She has a son and her husband is here with her as well. They allow pets.
    Hey, you may want to call them and double check if they do, but I dont think so. There's no designated area for dogs that I have noticed.
    Hey, thanks again! LH contacted me via email. Probably because the date is a bit far out, there was no rush. I was never contacted by the security people.
    Nope sorry, I have no idea what is next. I think we should start hearing something about class dates for zau at the end of this month (all my own speculation). From what I've have read on here, they give out FOL at about four week in advance. Since LH told you that he would start giving ZAU folks class dates for around NOV 23, I think we should hear something at the end of this month. This process is like none I'd ever even heard of before. People in real life are starting to not believe I was ever selected for ATC, because its taken so long, lol
    Disregard...I looked at the start of the ZAU postings and now see that I am in the same boat as you. Thank you for emailing LH.
    Trying to figure out where I am in line...when did you apply and complete the PEPC? I saw that you emailed LH and you are figuring that it will sometime next summer before you get to go to OKC. I am PUBNAT5 and ATL PEPC '09. Thanks and have a good weekend.
    I think that one's inactive when they moved everything over to fan pages. Not sure why it wasn't shut down. Try this one: StuckMic | Facebook
    Glen Martin was acting OM, but now it is, i believe Bill is the name, he was in washington and just came back.
    So sorry for the DELAYED response! I'm just now seeing a message you left me in January! I never heard if any set numbers of people coming to ZAU. The last thing I knew was that they had stopped hiring off the street. In hope you found your answer though seeing as though I'm super late with my response. I just kept calling the people whom I was instructed to send emails to in the initial stages of my application. That got the ball rolling!
    Yeah u can expect that....I heard they are on a hiring freeze. Training is decent at first but when u get on the floor and train its a lot better and u learn what u actually need to know. Have not heard of too many washouts. In my class there were 7 of us who came out of OKC for the Aurora center and still all 7 of us are still working in Aurora. Out of our whole class we only had one person fail the final exam and one person dropped out halfway through. I live no where near Aurora/Naperville( not because they are bad towns). I live in Elgin which is about a 45 minute drive to the north. Aurora isnt that bad for price but Naperville can get pricey. You may want to even consider going more west its cheaper that way but it just depends on how far u want to drive. Let me know if you need anything else or have any questions I would be more then happy to try and answer them.
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