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    Memphis Center - ZME

    Anyone know anything about "area 3" I believe that's where I'm going CPC transfer from ZAU

    Birmingham ATCT/Tracon - BHM

    Yeah never mind my ERR to ZME was approved yesterday afternoon. Thanks anyways though!

    Birmingham ATCT/Tracon - BHM

    I see there is a bid out for bhm right now. I'm a cpc at ZAU. How has the transition been for radar guys (center) coming over to the tower and approach control?

    Jacksonville Center - ZJX

    According to the Facrep at zjx the Faa says they are overstuffed even though NATCA disagrees theres also over 100 people on the ERR list to try and get there

    Tornado Shelters

    There are no shelters in okc... ( from what i was told ) when I was there we contacted the police, fire department and mayors office. .. no one could tell us where to go.. its pretty sad.. especially if you have small kids like I did We ended up finding a hotel that had a underground room and...

    Horrible time to get hired?

    if you're only.21 you have plenty of time... I waited almost 4 years. I got picked up OTS at 27 and I went to Oklahoma at 31. I'm now at ZAU. I've been here for almost a year now. it's def a great job and worth the wait. if I were you, i would get a job on a cruise ship or doing something on an...

    Overtime As a Developmental at Your Facility

    I got overtime 2 weeks ago to take a drug test... Does that count? :) But seriously.. Probably shouldn't expect it until maybe a few Radars... Possibly CPC...

    What is the FAA Academy like?

    Basics is worthless... Trust me, I was OTS and had to go to basics. I'm not saying you don't learn anything.... However, you don't learn anything you can use when you get across the street. We spent half the time watching random videos and killing time. It's a waste... Just my opinion...

    ZAU - Chicago Center Hiring Information

    Re: ZAU - Chicago Center I don't think the training manager here will know. It's my understanding... That when you get to OKC, ZAU gets a list of potential people coming after successful completion of the academy... Then, they just wait to see how many pass and plan accordingly.

    hey, i lost all my phone numbers... text me your number again.

    hey, i lost all my phone numbers... text me your number again.

    TRACON/Tower vs Enroute?

    I'm at the academy now and PV in two weeks..(enroute) It appears as though the success rate for tower is much higher these days... There is about a 95% pass rate for tower right now. However, the FAA is really cracking down on enroute.. The last 3 classes have lost... 6/18 8/18 10/17 Just...

    Special Use Airspace

    Laterally is 3 miles below FL600 .. I believe there is no ref for (non radar) its covered as both 7110.65 (9-3-2)

    Hey... Class is going pretty decent I'm about right where I need to be points wise... They are...

    Hey... Class is going pretty decent I'm about right where I need to be points wise... They are really cracking down here though.. They are failing several people per class.. Usually around 5-7 per class out of 18... So everyone's on edge... I'm trying to stay positive though... How about you...

    Best Health Insurance for Maternity Coverage

    2012 Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Here is the website you can look at plans and compare prices etc: You guys may already have this... Probably 75% or more of the people choose one of the BCBS plans Plan 111 / 112 Type your zip code, select non postal employee, and you get paid...

    Best Health Insurance for Maternity Coverage

    I have bcbs basic it's 136.00 a month for family. Standard is 198.00 a month family My wife is pregnant with our second child. So I'm wondering how much our basic will cover, as well. It's hard to tell from the bcbs website, it's rather vague.