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  • Yeah so I was just hanging out on Friday night and all of a sudden I got an email about signing up for an AT-SAT test.
    Other than that, I just graduated with my B.A. in Aviation Management from Ohio State and have been applying to handfuls of jobs a day. I don't know if I can fully commit to one of these jobs with the possibility of having to leave for the Academy in a year, I don't want to leave my employer looking for a replacement in a year. So I'm going to work the betting window at the Belmont Stakes this year and at Saratoga this year.

    My AT-SAT is scheduled for June 29 in Milford, Connecticut. That's the closet testing location for the capital region.

    I saw your visitor message, and can tell you that the experience you are getting right now is invaluable, keep at it. Is the guy that works ops at KALB named Keith, btw? That is interesting that all of those pilots went to CTI school.

    Let me know if anything is new.
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