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  • ive been in the faa 3 years now and every year they grant 4 hours of leave on christmas eve. since its still in pay period 26 your unfortunately out of luck. but hey use sick leave. haha good luck. what facility do you work for?
    Meryn, at the end of my message that I sent a minute ago, I asked if you were Megan. I just saw the first message you sent to me saying that you were Meryn. Disregard that question. My bad!
    Aww bummer!! Someone has to be last though. That doesn't bother me. The guy who comes back on October 5th is James. He used to be an RPO there before coming to the Academy. By the way, how long have you worked at D01? How far in training are you? Or are you past training?
    Oh, and I forgot to ask your last question offer of a list of people starting or getting ready to start

    -Justin Simpson
    Hey thanks for the reply. One of my friends is one of the people who started a few weeks ago. He said it's going fine but slow. One question which may sound stupid: Do I still get paid while waiting around for others to start behind me? I'm guessing that I will be the last one that everyone waits for but if I do have to wait then what do I do while I wait? Thanks again for the help
    How is D01's training environment these days? I'm down in OKC training to go to D01 and I wish to know what to expect in October when I arrive back in Denver. I've visited the facility 3 times, both private visits and tours set up through Metro State college and as a result have met quite a few of the training staff and managers. The facility looks like a blast to work at and I'll definitely enjoy it! Please, any info helps!

    someday, probably not anytime soon... im guessing... 3 months, to a year... do you work there? got my TOL in june.
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